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Photography Education

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Materials provided as needed.
All classes also available virtually

Hands on courses designed to help you get the most out of your photographs.


Getting to Know your Digital Camera 
Learn how to use a digital camera and its settings to start
taking high-quality photos

Fundamentals of Digital Photography
This beginner course is meant to help you master your digital camera so you can turn your good pictures into great photographs.

Outdoor Photography
hands-on lesson builds on the last to help you develop the mindset and eye of a photographer, even if your only subject is the park or house next door.

Portrait Photography 
Learn how to shoot and edit compelling portrait photographs that tell a story about their subject

Studio Lighting Techniques
Learn the fundamentals of lighting by exploring a variety of sources and set-ups to take your photo shoots to the next level

iPhone Photography 
Discover how to take captivating photos from your iphone and enhance them in Photoshop Lightroom Mobile

Cinematography and Composition
Photoshop 101

 Learn the basic functions of the tools available in the photoshop and how to best employ them to maximize your images in post production.

Advanced Photoshop
Learn advanced techniques in Photoshop such as color grading, color correction, photo retouching, frequency separation, dodging and burning as well as methods for creating photomanipulation


Course Offerings

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