Cave-inspired Aromatherapy Products 

Local sourcing

All ingredients come from local and
regional small businesses when possible


All ingredients are the product of

sustainable, eco-friendly practices

Vegan/All Natural

Products are made with only

all natural and vegan ingredients!

The prefix "speleo-"  is derived

from the Ancient Greek σπήλαιον (spēlaion)- meaning "cave".

Speleotherapeutics products are not just inspired by caves, each of these hand-crafted products is specially

formulated using naturally filtered cave mineral water that is sourced directly from a karst spring!


Cave mineral water hosts a multitude of invaluable health and therapeutic benefits. Speleotherapeutics products
are made, first and foremost, with health in mind. Oh sure, they smell great...but not unlike a cave they are far more complex than they appear. Cave water is combined with plant extracts, essential oils, and other natural ingredients

to create unique, one-of-a-kind aromatherapy products that act to enhance psychological and mental wellbeing.

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I also offer a wide variety of organic, Amish-grown herbs for use in herbalism

as well as mineral specimens and crystal grids commonly utilized in crystal healing.

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