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Essential Oils

(A Brief Overview)

Essential oils are volatile liquids derived from plants. They are extracted from: leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, and resins. They are renowned for offering a natural method of caring for our health.

"Aromatherapy" literally means therapy through aroma or scent. In pratice, aromatherapy uses only essential oils and no other form of scent. Essential oils have been utilized for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Aromatherapy has been perfected throughout the ages. The period of "trial and error" has long since been accomplished and documented. Centuries of studies and experiments with essential oils have left us with a rock solid foundation and incontestable knowledge pertaining to their use and application. Modern (allopathic) medicine simply cannot tote a similiar track record...


While modern medicine is successful in many ways, people are becoming increasingly more interested in drug-free alternatives. Modern medicine treats people as a collection of parts, rather than a whole organism. Aromatherapy, in contrast, offers a holistic method of treatment that is individually tailored to addresses the various aspects of a person's wellbeing. It seeks to not only alleviate issues, but to prevent them entirely.  Humans are complex organisms and our wellbeing is dependent on not only on our physicality, but also our mental health.


Essential oils are both simple, and  incredibly complex. They are simple in that they are the completely natural, pure, single ingredient product of a single plant. They are an invaluable home remedy that offers general safety and ease of use. The complexity of essential oils lies in their potency and power. They must be used with knowledge, care, and experience. Essentials oils are also multi-faceted in their usefulness. They offer a wealth of curative effects and therapeutic uses.


Essential oils should always be diluted prior to use. Aromatic spritzers are a great way to utilize essential oils! Aromatic spritzers are a combination of essential oils and water. I make my aromatic spritzers with cave and karst mineral water. Learn more about them here.


Click here to learn more about the many health advantages of cave and karst water!

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