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Meet "Brave Dave"

David Brumbaugh (aka Brave Dave) is a Pennsylvania-born caver. Though he has a degree in elementary education and vast experience teaching in institutions, he believes nature to be the best classroom.


Dave has been a cave enthusiast since childhood. He has traveled the continent exploring caves, assisting in research, leading adventure trips, and lecturing on speleology and cave conservation. He is a cave advocate and explorer but first and foremost a proponent of education and safety. He believes that the first step to truly appreciating and enjoying all that nature has to offer is education. He believes there is no greater reward than understanding the world you are exploring.














The Basics










Education and fun- all in one!





Dave believes that all adventures should be educational. Caving is a science before it is a sport. He promotes discussion and inquiry regarding the various aspects of speleology and conservation regardless of the service you are interested in.







Dave is certified in cave rescue, wilderness first aid, and has learned and trained with some of the top speleogists and cavers. He learned and studied single rope technique (SRT) while living in British Columbia where he also worked as a vertical cavern guide and rappel instructor.


Much of Dave's education regarding speleogy and cave conservation has been learned firsthand during his travels, where he worked in various caves that varied in their speleogenesis and geological attributes.



























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