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Wholesale  & Customized Soap Orders

Perfect for

parties, weddings,

holidays, and

many other


Why, yes! Wholesale soap orders are indeed available. Prices per loaf vary depending on the ingredients desired but typically fall into the range of $35-$45 per 10-bar loaf.

Customized orders are welcomed, but remember, I promote and work strictly with essential oils, sustainable products, and vegan materials. I refuse to make vanilla scented beef tallow soap using palm oil sourced from the fields of Southern Thailand.

Sorry, not sorry... I am otherwise highly adaptable and open to experiementation. Challenge me!

Maybe you want a particular type

of soap but don't want to buy
a whole friggin' loaf! I get it...
but at the risk of getting stuck with your delightfully eccentric order I

do ask that you commit to buying

at least a half loaf (5 pieces-$20).

Get your orders in now!

Cold-process soaps require 4-6 weeks to

fully cure before use.

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