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  Cream Scrubs


Moisturizes like a lotion.

Exfoliates like a scrub

Cream scrubs are unique in that they provide the exfoliating and skin-cleaning ability of a scrub with the after-affect of a moisturizing lotion.


Sea salt, organic cane sugar, and brown sugars acts to exfoliate- ridding the skin of the dead skin cells, causing it to appear more youthful. Coconut oil and shea butter combine to leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and smooth. Over time skin is rejuvenated and previous dryness and various skin afflictions begin to heal.

These scrubbed are crafted only with

cave mineral water and the purest essential oils-

chosen for their therapeutic and holistic health benfits.

Learn more about the health

benefits of cave and karst water

and essential oils.


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