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/mɒs/ is the brain child of Melissa Horn, a Pennsylvania-born artist who emerged under an Aquarius sun. Melissa created /mɒs/ to pass down the art and practice of magic, healing, intention meditation and aromatherapy to those inclined to incorporate such practices in their own lives.

Melissa is heavily influenced by the sacred teaching of ancestral rootwork also known as "hoodoo", an African-American form of shamanism which makes use of herbs, crystals, and other organic materials to heal the body and mind. Currently residing in the moss-covered Foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, Melissa actively invites magic into her daily life. Through /mɒs/ she is able to share her knowledge and vision with the world while nurturing her own inner goddess.  

/mɒs/, the phonetic pronunciation of the word "moss", was so-named for the holistic/transformative power of nature. Beautiful forests have the ability to transcend people into a more primal, simplistic state-  a state of being most conducive to meditative practices and heightened intuition.

This concept is at the very core /mɒs/.

/mɒs/ products are a tool.
Their purpose is to support efforts pertaining to meditation, intention manifestation, shadow work, root work, inner child healing, and overall holistic health and spiritual wellbeing. Plant extracts, essential oils, and other natural ingredients such as herbs, crystals, and flowers, are combined to create one-of-a-kind aromatherapy products. Every /mɒs/ item receives a blessing upon completion and is crafted/stirred with the intention to assist its new owner on their path.

Melissa also offers numerology and tarot card readings, meditation workshops and spiritual consultations by appointment. More on that here.

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