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 Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Wait. So the cave water used in your products comes from a spring? Why not just get it directly from the cave?

A: I'm glad you asked. A common phrase in the caving community is: "Take Nothing but Pictures. Leave Nothing but Footprints. Kill Nothing but Time." Caves themselves are not only incredibly delicate features, they are also host to a variety of rare and vulnerable ecosystems. Upsetting just one factor that contributes to a cave ecosystem is often detrimental to hundreds, even thousands of organisms! Many of which are too small to even see but have an integral role nonetheless. Water derived from a karst spring is still cave water. It is just cave water obtained in a sustainable, non-invasive manner. Click here to learn more about cave conservation.

Q: Gee, Melissa! This all sounds flippin' awesome! Where else can your products be found?? I must know! Mwahaha!!

A: Uh sure, enthusiastic page viewer! Depending on your location, /mɒs/ products may be purchased from an ever-expanding list of local stores. I am also a regular at craft fairs and markets. Like my facebook page or contact me for see updates regarding markets, festivals, and other events where I may be found.

Q: Oh drat. I would love to purchase your products but I am too cheap and/or poor to do so. Do you barter?

A: I am sorry for your misfortune and/or excessive frugality. I am certainly willing to entertain this. Approved methods of payment may include: books, tattoos, mineral specimens, historical memorabilia, and (of course) beer.

QVegan soaps!? Oh pish posh... Have you ever even TRIED goat's milk soap? It is fabulous in soap! You are robbing yourself and alienating potential customers by not making it!

A: Yes. Vegan soaps.


Q: Do you use your own products?

A: Yes! I have been making and using aromatherapy products long before birthing /mɒs/. The products I have chosen to sell are among my favorites- each of which I personally use on a regular basis.

Q: Can I touch your hair?

A: What? That's not even relevant. Why would you even..? No.

Q: I am interested in a customized soap order! You'd be willing to make whatever I want, right? *maniacal cackle*

A: Uh... wrong. Learn more about that here.

Q: What if my question was not addressed here?

A: Go ahead and contact me! I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Q: Alright. Cool. Anything else?

A: Sure! Here are some tidbits!

About Cold-Process Soap-making

About Crystal healing

About Essential oils


About Cave mineral water


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